A Great Story of Perseverance and Overcoming Obstacles

How does a boy labeled “slow” go on to graduate with honors in distinction – not only from college, but then earn a PhD and his medical degree? How does a doctor with severe color blindness become a renowned surgeon? How does a surgeon dedicated to saving patients on the verge of death respond when told his own death is imminent?

Paul Nemiroff was a boy who dreamed of becoming a doctor. Labeled slow and told he would never finish high school, he overcame numerous obstacles and went on to college, a masters, a PhD and medical school. He became a top head and neck surgeon at leading medical centers, a pioneer of hyperbaric oxygen wound treatment, a worldwide published researcher and lecturer, an award winning TV medical correspondent and a runner of 13 marathons.

At the peak of his career, his life trajectory was abruptly altered when he received a call – he had become the patient and was told he only had two years to live – facing a crossroads of formidable choices. Undaunted, Dr Paul discovered and experimented with a revolutionary treatment protocol that he believes has kept him alive and in reasonably good health for 15 years – allowing him to share this knowledge which he hopes will inspire others and be a catalyst in the quest for a cure.