An Amazing Story

The extraordinary story of a man told he would not finish high school and only had 2 years to live yet persevered through it all to become a success

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Dr. Paul Nemiroff in the Media

View a number of photos of Dr. Paul throughout the years and media clippings from different news sources detailing the success of his life.

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Nine Lives - A Story of Survival and Hope: Overcoming Obstacles, Labels and Beating the Odds. Available for purchase online now.

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Book Reviews

Reviews and comments from some of our customers and critics

  • .....this is a MUST READ!   It's an extraordinary story of survival and hope. Dr. Paul, as accomplished as he is, is "Real People."  His "pink-slip" of less than two years ..turned into 15 years and still going, baffling his medical community peers. You can buy your copy on Amazon--I hope you do!  Inspiring, wherever you are on your path
    Lori Brookes
  • "  Wow!  Couldn't put it down.  Not only has he "beat the odds" he's quite a story teller too.  It's an awesome story of hope.  Truly encouraging on many levels!
    Also, the doctor  may really  be on to something that could be unique in the fight against cancer..."
    Steve Smith


Dr. Nemiroff is not receiving any profits from the book. The publisher is donating a portion of the proceeds to MDS and cancer research.